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Learn more about Brian Rice and Real Estate Kingz LLC

Introducing Brian Rice & Real Estate Kingz. Real Estate Kingz LLC, is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Brokerage. Brian Rice Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Brian has just over fourteen years' experience in the real estate industry. The majority of that time has been productively spent in off-market, investor situations.

As an adjunct to his real estate experience, Brian is also a Non-Attorney Legal Scholar. Over a nine-year legal-studies academic-period, Brian has researched and written about numerous areas of law and jurisprudence.

Brian is also known as the “Sifu of Sanity” & the “I get it done Guru.”

Brian holds a master's degree in legal studies (M.L.S.). While Brian cannot and does not provide legal advice to his real estate clientele, he utilizes his extensive legal education and skill set to bring about the very best possible outcomes for each and every client.

Some clients have complicated real property situations that need to be handled in a unique way from the onset of the Broker/Client relationship. In many cases, those situations have an impact on the marketability of the property. I understand the nuances of successfully navigating these complicated situations to bring about the very best outcome for both the buyer and the seller.

Because Real Estate Kingz is an independent Real Estate Brokerage, and you deal DIRECTLY with the Broker. We can instantly offer you simplified, expert personal service with flexible custom commission/fee schedules. Contact Brian Today!

Extraordinary Experiences

The best experiences are when both the buyer and seller reflect on the transaction and both parties are satisfied.

Full disclosure and honest dealing are essential to client satisfaction. Merely providing the disclaimer that the buyer should perform due diligence is not how we operate.  

Our Core Values

We are Real Estate Kingz for a reason.

  • Open and Honest Dealings

  • Careful attention to details

  • We really want to help

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