Negotiation in Real Estate

There is negotiation and then there is asking the seller to discount their price.

  • Negotiation requires leverage.
  • If the buyer has NO compelling set of facts to move the seller closer toward the buyer's desired price, THEN, no leverage exists. The buyer cannot negotiate.
  • All the buyer can do is ask the seller to take less.
  • Would you take less when you know you can get full price? Think about it.

However, when we keep in mind that successful negotiation in residential real estate transactions should be a win-win scenario.

We can find creative ways to influence the seller to come closer to our desired price point. Yet, this isn't an adversarial exercise where we must expose every little nook and cranny to alert the seller that we KNOW the listing price is too high.

Are you a seller? I will get you full price.

  • For buyers, I'll use my skills and experience to analyze all aspects of the property.
  • I will FIND valid points (if they indeed exist) of leverage upon which we CAN negotiate.

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